The Tres Dias movement endeavors to bring Christians to a closer, more personal walk with their Lord Jesus Christ and encourages them to action in their church and community and Christian leadership.Tres Dias is an adult weekend that aims to concentrate closely on the person of Jesus Christ and His teachings. While Tres Dias explores basic Christian beliefs, it is best described as a spiritual encounter with Christ. Many who have attended a weekend have experienced a deeper and more meaningful relationship with Christ as they sense his love and grace in a real and dynamic way. 
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Testimonials from participants:

"What an amazing 3 day journey with Jesus, was absolutely life changing"

                                                              Angel Farrington - OCTD 32

"It was an eye opening experience, once in a lifetime experience. I had walls built up I thought would never come down. That weekend they did."

                                                                  Omar Gomez - OCTD 45

​"My Tres Dias weekend changed my life and Jesus' overwhelming love was felt as never felt before. I discovered who I am in Christ and to further God's kingdom should be our goal as we grow in his love and strength."

                                                                Nancy Romero - OCTD 8

"The weekends are God's knitted masterpiece; as the Spirit transforms, releases and ignites the soul."

                                                                 Sue Davenport - OCTD 18

"I have not experienced the feeling of being a family of Christ as much as I did through Tres Dias.  The overwhelming feeling is love."

                                                                  Jennifer Colon - OCTD 42

"My weekend was a pilgrimage in my relationship with God from my head to my heart." 

                                                                  Mike Shellman - OCTD 1

"The Tres Dias experience in one word is overwhelming.  The love that is shown to you and showered over you is such a beautiful representation of the unstoppable, unrelenting love that God has for each of us."

                                                                    Liz Fortner - OCTD 42

​"I was moved by the teaching from the clergy and lay instructors, small group projects, Christian music and chapel prayer time. This program will help you dust off your faith and put God front and center in your life where He belongs."

                                                                      John Parrott - OCTD 45