OCTD Reunion Groupings
(Call or email a Reunion Group you would like to join!)

Bill Baley  bbaley@cox.net                     Denny's on 17th in Tustin
Saturday 8:00 AM                       Men / Weekly

Duane Beisner   dbeisner@yahoo.com  Carl's Jr. at 55 Technology Dr. in Irvine
Tuesdays 6:00 PM                       Men / Weekly

Sue Swarth  714-308-8746.  sueswarth@gmail.com Orange County Area
Sunday  2:00 PM         Women / Monthly       4th Sunday

Nancy Romero  nancyfromero@gmail.com Santa Ana
Saturday 9:00 AM       Women / Monthly:      Second Saturday

Jim Trebilcox jimnesie@sbcglobal.net  Katella Grill Orange
Friday 7:00 AM                           Men / Weekly

Jim Trebilcox jimnesie@sbcglobal.net  Denny’s at State College and Katella
Sunday 6:00 PM                           Co-ed / 2nd and 4th Sundays

Dick Kaye  dickkaye7@gmail.com  Denny’s on El Toro Rd. @ Raymond St.
Thursday 6:30 AM                        Men / Weekly

George and Elva Silva  elvasilva@aol.com    San Pedro
Saturday 2-4 PM         Co-ed /2nd Saturday each month

Trish Carter tcarteranderson@gmail.com Various Homes (S. Orange County)
Sunday 2:00 PM Women/Monthly 2nd Sunday

Joelle Jungblut   joellepatnode@gmail.com (44921 Muirfield Dr., Temecula)
Saturday 9-11 am    Woman / Monthly          First Saturday

Tres Dias Reunion groups are a small group of friends who meet regularly to encourage each other to continue their Christian growth by sharing their adventures in Piety, Study and Action.
With what spiritual aids did I nourish my vital union with Christ this week?
-Communion, Worship, Spiritual Disciplines
-Personal prayer: Praise, Confession, Thanksgiving, Intercession, Petition
-Family Prayer
-Prayer in Community, Work, or Church
-Contact with a fellow Christian or clergy as spiritual friend / advisor

*When did I feel most in need of Christ?
*When did I feel closest to Christ?
*When was I most aware of Christ's presence?
​*When did I gain some insight into my Christian walk?

What have I done to better understand the word of God?
-the Bible          -Meditations
-Books             -Discussions
-Articles           -Observations

*How have I used what I studied and what does it mean to me?
*How can I be more effective in my study?
*Do I have a plan to help my study be more God-centered?
*What was significant study experience?
*How did my experience help in relating to God or others?

What success and failure did I experience:
-in my family?
-in my work?
-in my Church?
-in my community?
-among my friends?
-in my broken world?
-where is my environment?

*How did I fulfill last week's plan?
*What am I planning to do next week?
*How can I be more effective for Christ?

See a friend, be a friend, and share Christ with your friend.